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  • How many Yards do I need?
    Please measure the area you would like to cover and then use our Cubic Yard Calculator to determine the appropriate amount of material. Generally, most people use 3-4 inches of covering for mulch.
  • How can I schedule my delivery?
    During peak season (February - May), we try to deliver between AM (8am - 12pm) & PM (12pm - 5pm) windows. Due to quantity of orders, we cannot guarantee specific times.
  • Is there a minimum order?
    There is a minimum of 1 cubic yard required for mulch and aggregate orders. Full delivery fee applies.
  • Where will my mulch or aggregate be dumped?
    Material can be delivered to driveway or any other easily accessible space on your property. For safety reasons, we cannot dump on hills or ditches. We cannot dump on curbs per town rules. We recommend placing a tarp down on drives to prevent staining or scratching. ALCS assumes no responsibility for cracked or damaged driveways. Driver will inform you if area is unsafe for dumping upon arrival and work with you on alternate dump area.
  • Do you offer local pickup?
    Yes, please see our Pickup Location tab for our address. We are open weekdays 7:30am - 5pm and we are happy to load your pickup truck or trailer. Delivery fees do not apply to pickup orders.
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